The Senate

We had the honour of a visit from President Larcher together with:


Female Senators: Mrs Catherine Deroche, Senator of Maine-et-Loire, Deputy Vice-President of The Republicans, member of the France - Israel friendship group; Mrs Sophie Primas, Senator of the Yvelines.


Male Senators: Mr Philippe Dallier, Senator of Seine-Saint-Denis, President of the France-Israel friendship group; Mr Gilbert Roger, Senator of Seine-Saint-Denis, President of the

France‑Palestine friendship group.

Accompanied byMr Hubert de Canson, diplomatic advisor and Mr Patrick Dray, Advisor to the President.

The Senate supported A HEART FOR PEACE 2 years ago and thus saved 4 children.


Samuel STUDNIA - Marathon NY


One of my friends, Samuel STUDNIA, chose to run the marathon of NY and to promote "Heart for peace " a french charity created by Muriel Haïm.

I have also decided to help and I encourage all my US friends and relatives to go to his fundraiser.…/…/samuelstudnia

As Muriel says, « in Hadassah, enemy is the disease ».


Jacques Audibet 

France Inter - Professeur REIN

ALHURRA TV - August 2015

Alhurra Television, which broadcasts out of Ryad, Cairo, Washington ... came to do a reportage on JJ Rein, Ibrahim, Woel and visited a baby.


Since Alhurra has an audience of about 25 million people, we hope that this reportage will contribute towards BUILDING BRIDGES BETWEEN THE ISRAELI AND PALESTINIAN PEOPLE.




Nous vous annonçons que le 11 septembre nous organisons une soirée avec le groupe EL Gusto qui nous offre généreusement leur prestation, au théatre Dejazet et nous voulons ici saluer la générosité de Jean Bouquin qui nous met son superbe théatre à disposition gratuitement.

Ce spectacle devra nous permettre de financer les interventions d’au moins 4 enfants si beaucoup d’entre vous répondent présents. Nous vous le rappellerons et vous donnerons les points de vente.

Objectif : financer les opérations de 4 enfants


Gala Dinner - October 9th, 2017

Dear Friends,


We will have the pleasure of meeting again on October 9th, 2017 in the reception rooms of the Paris Town Hall at a Gala dinner.


The benefits will finance children's operations.


Price per person for the soirée : 250 Euros, with thanks for your kind payment by cheque made payable to UN COEUR POUR LA PAIX - 2 bis rue Leroux, 75116 Paris.


With my best regards 




DÎNER DE GALA en présence de :

Pr René Frydman




It was a success ! Our lovely « salle de la Commanderie » was full.

A pity for those who hesitated or were not free.


The audience left the theatre enchanted by FLORENT AUMAITRE’s performance in « LE HORLA ».

He drew us into this character, who is on the edge of madness and fantasy.


As well as a sure motivation for supporting and helping A HEART FOR PEACE, the discovery of such a talented actor in the service of the text helped your natural generosity. The donation box left at the exit testified to this.


This was the icing on the cake which, added to previous donations and to the entire proceeds, and after making the necessary deduction for the costs of printing, amounted to a total of more than THREE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED Euros !


This sum will obviously be entirely allocated to the care of the children via our organisation.


Thank you again for contributing to this action.


You will have participated in saving a child and thereby in taking another step on the path to peace !


Warm regards,





As part of an effort to make the pupils aware of the values of tolerance and solidarity, A HEART FOR PEACE was invited to two classes (one 2nd-year and one 3rd-year) 
in the "Collège EIB Monceau", French Middle School in the 17th arrondissement in Paris.


The pupils were very attentive, asked very interesting questions and several of 
them wanted to know how they could help the organization.

The teachers will follow the work of the organization with their pupils.

We thank the school for allowing A HEART FOR PEACE to present itself.

High School Student Organization

Some pupils of the High School Student Organization are going to record an album about tolerance, liberty and solidarity.
They have written the texts, composed the music and will sing the songs.


They will also do the illustrations for the libretto.
As with every year, a fund-raiser will be organized and this year the funds will be raised with the sale of this album.


Two organizations will be the beneficiaries. One has a local dimension, "REVE: Réussir Etudier Vivre Ensemble" (DREAM: achieve, study, live together).

The other has an international dimension, A HEART FOR PEACE.

We thank them for their care and solidarity.


Within the framework of the Peace of my Heart, pro-liberty and ante-racism festival, A HEART FOR PEACE was invited to discuss initiatives carried out in the field.

Two of the first year classes took it in turns to participate.

After the screening of a film explaining what is done with the children, the debate began.

The pupils had absolutely no idea that such initiatives existed and expressed disappointment in the lack of information given by the media.


One of the classes prepared some lovely posters as a token of their support. You will soon see them on our website.