Building bridges between the Israeli and Palestinian people.

A HEART FOR PEACE makes it possible for Palestinian children suffering from serious, often life-threatening, heart malformations to be operated on in Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem, where they are cared for by teams of Israeli and Palestinian doctors who work hand in hand.

December 2016

Equipe médicale

Vivement DIMANCHE - Michel Drucker



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More than 722 Palestinian children suffering from severe heart malformations have been operated on in the Israeli Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem by mixed teams of Israeli and Palestinian doctors (20% of the children come from Gaza and 80% from the West Bank).



- 1200 echocardiographies carried out every year in the West Bank.

- 5 Palestinian doctors trained to perform echocardographies and/or catheterizations.

- 197 general practitioners trained in early screening.

- 1 female Palestinian genetics counsellor trained.

- 2 technicians trained: 1 in echocardiography and 1 in stress-test and Holter electrocardiography.


- A night-shift system has been set up to make it  possible for children suffering from heart disease in the West Bank to be admitted to Hadassah hospital during the night.


- 6 portable cardio-scanners enable both diagnosis and a post-op follow-up of the children in the West Bank.


Visiting Hadassah


A Heart for Peace recently welcomed two groups in Hadassah : one of Belgian doctors and the other of tourists very interested in understanding the reality of cooperation in hospitals. 


Prof Rein also received two members of the Institute of Political Science of Bordeaux, its director of studies and the person responsible for international relations.


Students from the London School of Economics also went there and, in May, 86 students from HEC/ESSEC/ESCP will come to meet the teams in Hadassah hospital.


On May 7th, Pax Medicalis will see Prof Rein, Dr Abu Zahira and M. Haïm in Jerusalem.  


Bearing witness

In memory of my memorable visit to Hadassah hospital last May 25th (the group "La Croix"). I apologize, Dr Abu Zahira, for the slightly out of focus photo, but the little boy is beaming.

Bravo again and I hope that peace will prevail in the end in this endearing country.



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