Our organization

Board of directors

Muriel Photom
President : Dr Muriel Haim, Doctor
Secretary : Mrs Agnès Plasse
Treasurer : Mr J.M. Grognet, Head of the Biology and
Technology Institute of Saclay

Members of the Organization

Mr Alain AUMAÎTRE, Financial Advisor

Mrs. Claudia DANSETTE, Responsible for cultural events

Mrs. Katya Benlolo, Responsible for cultural events

Mr Fabrice LEVY, Editor

Dr Michel WEINGROD, Doctor, Scientific Counselor

Dr. Celia ZINGER, Representative in the United States

Mrs. Ghislaine El Beze, Counselor

Mrs. Katya Chelli, Translator of the website into English

Along with the members of the Administrative Council, the Members of the Organization work for nothing.  This explains the very low running costs, which amount to 1%.

Honorary Committee

Jacques Attali - Président de Planet Finance Elie Wiesel - Prix Nobel de la Paix
Jacques ATTALI, President of Planet Finance. Elie WIESEL, Nobel Peace Prize.

François BAYROU, President of the liberal party MODEM
Dalil BOUBAKEUR, President of the Muslim institute of the Mosque of Paris
Jean BOUSQUET, Professor of medicine, Montpellier, chairman of GARDE project, WHO
Philippe DOUSTE-BLAZY, President of UNITAID, secretary deputy of the UN
Jean-Michel DUBERNARD, Professor of surgery, University hospital Lyon, member of the college of the High Authority of Health
Claude EVIN, Former minister of Health, President of Ile de France Regional Health Agency
Jean-Marc GROGNET, Scientific affairs director
Bernard KOUCHNER,Former Minister of French Foreign Affairs
Thierry de La VILLEJEGU, Consultant
Bernard MESURE, President of honor of Novartis company and LEEM
Alain MONOD,French Supreme Court lawyer
Noël RENAUDIN, President of the Drug Economic Committee

Boualem SANSAL, writer

Thierry BINISTI, film director

Eric TOLEDANO, film director

Olivier NACACHE, film Director



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