2018 is a year of transition. The Palestinian Authority has signed an agreement with Hadassah hospital and will finance a large part of the operations.  

A Heart for Peace is committed to paying for the operations of children whose costs will not be covered. What's more, and with a continued desire to transfer knowledge, A Heart for Peace continues to finance the training of Palestinian medical personnel.A Heart for Peace has paid the rent for the clinic in Hebron, as planned, up until May, 2018 and, now, Dr Abu Zahira is  

 completely independent. He has however decided to continue his training and will work part-time in Hadassah hospital until the end of December, 2019.    


2019 is becoming with news goals, concentrate on the training of Palestinain caregivers committed to work in the West bank after to develop the expertise in pediatric cardiology in this part of the world, the whole Middle-East where the rate of congenital cardiopathies is still very high due to endogenous marriages, about 45%.


Our history since 2005

2005 - Meeting with Professor Rein in May. 

Four months later, the first child is operated on.


2006 - The children arrive at the rapid pace of one per week. 40% come from Gaza. 50 children are operated on this same year.


2007 - The programme for training Palestinian doctors begins. Doctor El Lahham joins the team for a year of training in echocardiography.


2008 - The training expands. On top of echocardiography, training in catheterization is set up. A second Palestinian doctor joins the team, while Doctor El Lahham, who has finished his training in echocardiography, begins a screening campaign two days a week in the West Bank.

We provide him with a portable cardio-scanner.


2009 - First symposium "Medicine as a means to renew dialogue", at the National Assembly under the patronage of C. Goasguen - end of 2009.

228 children have already been operated on.


2010 - Second symposium " Medicine as a means to renew dialogue", attended, as usual, by Professor Rein and a Palestinian doctor, with the participation of Jacques Attali. Ever since, an annual symposium on this theme is held at the "Palais du Luxembourg", Paris.

The network of correspondents is growing with various hospitals and clinics in the West Bank and the contact continues with a hospital in Gaza.


2011 - Training of a female genetics counsellor who takes part in the pediatric cardiology visits in order to warn the families about the risks involved in marriages between cousins.

A technician in echocardiography is trained.

The beginning of making Palestinian general practitioners aware of the need for early detection.


2012 - Successful transfer of knowledge: Doctor El Lahham opens a state-of-the-art cardiology clinic in Ramallah with support for 3 years from A HEART FOR PEACE.

The inauguration takes place in the presence of the Governor of Ramallah and a Palestinian television crew.

The first dialogue groups between Israeli and Palestinian mothers and their children: a day at the zoo is organised twice a year with the children so that the mothers can see each other again and the children can play together.


2013 - This year, a French magician, Mr. Jacques, generously comes to entertain adults and children during a dialogue group between Israeli and Palestinian mothers and children.

Setting up of a night shift system in the West Bank.


2014 - Sixth symposium " Medicine as a means to renew dialogue", at the "Palais du Luxembourg", Paris.

500 children have already been operated on.


2015 - 642 children had been operated on by the end of 2015.

Doctor El Lahham's pediatric cardiology clinic in Ramallah is now operating totally independently. This year, A HEART FOR PEACE is providing financial support for the opening of a second clinic, this time in Hebron. This clinic, run by Doctor Abu Zahira, opened on March 1st, 2015 and is already functioning in a very efficient way. Since October, a young Palestinian woman has been undergoing training to become a genetics counselor. Her role will be to take part in pediatric cardiology visits in order to inform the families of the dangers related to intermarriage.


2016 - A HEART FOR PEACE put the emphasis on training a technician, a doctor and a genetics counsellor. At the same time, we continue to support Doctor Abu Zahira's pediatric cardiology clinic in Hebron. Doctor Abu Zahira provides diagnosis, treatment and post-operative care for the children. To date, 687 children have been operated on with a 98% success rate.


The following people came to Hadassah to see for themselves the work being done here: Roschdy Zem with A.Toscan du Plantier (La Gaumont), the sisters of Ecce Homo, a Swedish MP, Mrs Eva Lena Jansson (in charge of writing a memorandum on health in Gaza), a delegation made up of 4 Senators led by President Larcher, 35 members of Pax Medicalis, who visited Doctor Abu Zahira in his clinic in Hebron and met with Prof. Rein at Hadassah.


In 2016, A HEART FOR PEACE also organised a Symposium at the Palais du Luxembourg with Prof. Rein, Doctor Abu Zahira and the political scientist, Mohamed Sifaoui.

The singer Renaud invited us to take part in Michel Drucker's television show "Vivement Dimanche" and we were also invited to make a presentation about the Organisation in Bordeaux and Angers.


A very high standard of equipment

Saving the Druze children from Syria

In light of the Syrian Druzes' extremely difficult situation, A HEART FOR PEACE is taking action. Syrian Druze children needing a heart operation will be taken care of by A HEART FOR PEACE.


Even though there are two hospitals close to the border, one a country one and the other an Israeli one, they are not equipped for treating congenital heart diseases.


A HEART FOR PEACE has informed the qualified powers that be in order to take care of the children suffering from heart diseases requiring surgical intervention at Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem.


We thank you for your donations and your support.

We are taking care of all the children