722 children have been operated on thanks to your support.


Baby Garah has undergone another operation. He is in good form, sitting up and smiling only 4 days after open-heart surgery. Between the moment before his operation and this Wednesday, Garah's colour has changed. Today, he is a pretty pink colour, like every healthy child. Garah went home 3 days later. Dr. Abu Zahira is going to follow this child very closely in Hebron, because one of the problems is that the family sometimes disappears without giving news of their child. Garah is going to need very close follow-up for now.


A little 2-1/2 year-old boy who comes from Hebron. Today, his aunt is with him. Jahar was born with a complex congenital heart disease: pulmonary atresia, inter ventricular communication, situs inversus and transposition of the great vessels. At the age of 3 months, Jahar suffered from a cardiac shock. He was operated on twice: once at the age of 3 months for a holding operation and once at the age of 10 months for a complete operation. Jahar disappeared for 18 months, as his parents didn't come to consult Doctor Abu Zahira in Hebron.


Jahar came back at the age of 2-1/2 in a state of respiratory distress with heart failure and a respiratory infection. Today, he is better and will be operated on again in April to free the obstruction.

We will keep you informed.




Abdelmalek was born in Hebron.
He was only 33 days old when Doctor Abu Zahira was called to his bedside in the hospital in Hebron. His diagnosis - a severe heart malformation... A few days later, on exactly February 11th,  Abdelmalek was transported to Hadassah hospital. He was suffering from a transposition of the great vessels.

He underwent surgery on February 14th. He returned home in great shape, as can be seen by his smile, four days later, on February 18th.

Since then, he has regular check-ups with Dr Abu Zahira in his clinic in Hebron. His parents know, however, that he will have to undergo another operation, since all his 
heart problems could not be resolved with only one operation.

January 2017: He has been operated on as planned and all went well. He went home to be with his family.


Mohamed is already 8, but he suffers from a serious genetic disease: Marfan syndrome, a family disease.


This was discovered in a dramatic way. The oldest son died of haemorrhaging. He hadn’t been diagnosed in time. We had the other three children come to the hospital. The oldest was operated on and the two youngest, twins, were kept under observation since they are carriers of the same disease.


In the end, one of the twins, Mohamed, had to be hospitalized in an emergency and operated on.


Today, he is doing well. We are monitoring this family, since his twin will also need an operation at some point.


You remember Obeida, this little boy who was operated on in Hadassah?


He’s a magnificent baby in good health.

We have received news:

Obeida is well. Doctor Abu Zahira sees him regularly in his clinic in Hebron.



Shifaa is a little girl who was born in Hebron.

She was immediately diagnosed by Dr Abu Zahira in Hebron. Shifaa suffers from a complex heart malformation:

- An atrioventricular communication (atrial  

  and inter-ventricular septal defect).
- Transposition (malposition of the large blood

   vessels with sub pulmonary stenosis).
- Arterial duct.


Ammar has anomalous pulmonary venous drainage.

Ammar was transferred to Hadassah hospital on November 1st and operated on two days later. He remained in intensive care before returning to the department of pediatric cardiology. He returned home on November 11th.


In Doctor Abu Zahira's clinic in Hebron, he had a post-op echocardiography that confirmed that all was well.


Aged 1 month and 11 days, Ammar is a lovely baby weighing 6.4kg.


March 2016 news: aged 5 months and 1 week, Ammar is now in good health.

What a joy it is to see all these children who have been cared for and are having regular check-ups close to where they live.



August 2010, Bethlehem Hospital.

Mohamed is 5 months old, but is so sickly that he appears to be only 3 months old. He is being examined as part of an assessment of this growth problem. His heart is completely normal. The pediatrician will now be able to try to find another cause. Doctor El Lahham, who was trained by A HEART FOR PEACE, was able to do the echocardiography in Bethlehem Hospital. We are thus able to avoid both the child and its family having to make exhausting journeys.



Within the framework of the diagnostic programme set up two days per week, Doctor El Lahham sees patients in different clinics and hospitals in the West Bank and makes diagnoses thanks to the portable cardio-scanner we provided for him.


Dia is 3 years old. He has been diagnosed as having a congenital disease. For the time being, he is examined once a year. However, one day he’ll have to come to Hasassah hospital to undergo catheterization. Right now, Dia is doing well and his parents are reassured; they know that their child is being cared for.



Ala is a 4-year-old boy from Ramallah. He has a problem, since his heart has only one ventricle. Dr Sagui catheterized him and then he underwent the same operation as Mohamed, who also had only one ventricle. He is doing very well since his operation.


Oumania is 9 years old. She has been having regular check-ups since she was operated on. She is doing very well and leads a normal life.



We might have to operate on this pretty little girl again some day.


Middle of the night consultations

Consultations in the middle of the night are working very well. When Dr Abu Zahira is called,  he communicates with Prof. Rein and hospitalization is handled with the best of care.




Thanks from 25 families


"To Doctor Ibrahim ABU ZAHIRA

Consultant in Pediatric Cardiology

Representative of the French organization A Heart for Peace in Palestine


We, the parents of children mentioned in the attached document, give great thanks to our brother Doctor Ibrahim ABU ZAHIRA for having diagnosed, cared for, and for all the humanitarian, immediate, rapid and continued services rendered to our children suffering from congenital diseases following our request and that of local hospitals where our sick children are cared for.


We also note that the medical care in HADASSAH EIN KEREM hospital is free of charge and covered one hundred percent by the French organization A HEART FOR PEACE and HADASSAH.


We thank Doctor ABU ZAHIRA for having done whatever was necessary quickly and for the positive results of the surgical operations, bringing attention to the fact that he was paid only for the consultations and the regular medical monitoring he provided for our children both before and after their hospitalization in his role as consultant in pediatric cardiology."


You are listening to ...

You are listening to "We are dreamers" written, composed and recorded by pupils of the HONORÉ d'URFÉ high school, who took action (on the Calendar of Events page) and made it possible to collect funds for A HEART FOR PEACE.


The recorded CD is available for purchase at the following address:


Association Maison des Lycéens URFÉ Kheira BENRAMDANE

1, impasse Le Châtelier

42014 SAINT-ETIENNE Cedex 2





Since this baby had complex heart malformations, his mother came to give birth to him in Hadassah hospital so that he might be operated on immediately. A few months later, he underwent a second operation lasting 9 hours. Saleh is now two and half years old and plays like all children his age. His parents are happy. They bring him to the Cardiology Centre in Ramallah for regular check-ups. Saleh has a healthy little brother.

Letter from the parents:

"Dear members of A Heart for Peace,

I hope my e-mail finds you in good health. My family and I wish you a Happy New Year 2014, filled with joy, health and success.

One year ago, on January 7th, 2013, God granted us a precious gift, our baby Saleh.  Even though it was a tough year, stressful and painful, with God's help and yours, it ended in joy and happiness. As Saleh is now a year old, you are the first people to be concerned with remembering this.

Thanks to you, our life shines every day. Thank you for the hope you gave us. We thank you with all our heart for what you have done for us and for all that you do for all the other unhappy families such as ours. Cordial and warm greetings, the Saïf family."


We take care of all the children - JDD

The special correspondent JDD

Nov 2015

We take care of all the children - JDD

The special correspondent for the newspaper "Journal du Dimanche"

Nov 2015

A reportage made at Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem. Israeli and Palestinian doctors belonging to the organization A HEART FOR PEACE have operated on more than 600 children in the Territories. 20% of them come from Gaza.

Special correspondent for the newspaper "Journal du Dimanche", Karen LAJON wrote:

"Hayat is 5 months old. She weighs less than 2kg. She has the aged, drawn face of children suffering from heart problems and respiratory failure. In spite of this, she wriggles, screams, smiles and doesn't seem to have said her last word. This is fortunate. Her first name means "life", and Hayat is in the hands of the Palestinian cardiologist Ibrahim Abu Zahira. A first miracle. On Sunday, the Israeli surgeon Eldad Erez should be performing a second one by operating on the baby. Since war doesn't have its place in Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem. Here, Israeli and Palestinian doctors work hand in hand."


En réalité, la petite Hayat va être sauvée grâce à une femme. Elle s'appelle Muriel Haïm. Elle est française, juive et athée. Il y a 10 ans, cet ancien médecin veut apporter une pierre à l'édifice de la réconciliation et décide de construire un pont, un coeur qui battrait pour la paix. "L'association vient de démontrer que parfois la vie prend le pas sur la mort et la discorde," dit-elle d'un ton modeste empreint de fermeté.

Résultat, en une décennie, son association UN COEUR POUR LA PAIX a financé l'opération de plus de 600 enfants palestiniens souffrant d'anomalies cardiaques congénitales, dont 20% venaient de Gaza, la formation de 197 généralistes, l'ouverture de deux centres de consultation à Hébron et Ramallah, la création de quatre groupes de paroles entre mères palestiniennes et israéliennes.

"Je sers les petits"

Avec cinq médecins capables d'assurer des opérations à coeur ouvert de très haute technologie, trois techniciens en génétique, des soins pris en charge pour moitié par l'association et l'autre par l'hôpital, cette équipe fondée sur l'expertise médicale et la mixité confessionnelle, est unique en son genre. "Je sers les petits" explique simplement le docteur palestinien Abu Zahira. "Ibrahim représente mon assurance-qualité", poursuit le chirurgien israélien, Eldad Erez, un géant à la force tranquille. "Son diagnostic nous indiquera si l'enfant a besoin d'être opéré. Nous avons une relation très spéciale". Sans nul doute. L'un dépend de l'autre et le deuxième s'appuie sur le premier. Le Palestinien et l'Israélien. Et au milieu, des enfants et des parents, comme Shareef et Wafaa qui, depuis Hébron, déboulent aux aurores en ce jeudi matin. Comment ont-ils franchi les barrages ? Nul ne le saura, leurs difficultés importent peu. Seul compte l'avenir de leur bébé, Hayat est leur cinquième fille et cinq autres sont mortes auparavant. Les parents de la petite Hayat ont erré de médecins en médecins avant de trouver le bon docteur Zahira et cette unité à Hadassah. Les yeux écarquillés, le couple regarde les deux praticiens en train de discuter, de rire et de se taper sur l'épaule. Le docteur leur avait pourtant dit qu'il suffirait amplement d'arriver à 10 heures "ils étaient là à 7 heures du matin" s'exclame ce dernier, en riant.


Dans les couloirs, musulmanes voilées et juifs orthodoxes

Au quatrième étage de ce service de cardiologie pédiatrique, les idées préconçues volent en éclat. Des musulmanes voilées, des juifs othodoxes circulent dans les couloirs aux couleurs pastel apaisantes. Seule la maladie fait figure d'ennemi. "Cette unité est un endroit particulier, indique encore le docteur Ibrahim Abu Zahira. Ici, je ne suis pas palestinien ou autre chose, ici je soigne. Nous sommes là pour aider les gens, nous donnons la vie, nous ne la détruisons pas".

Mais que pensent véritablement ces gens qui remettent la vie de leurs protégés entre les mains de ceux qu'ils considèrent comme d'irréductibles ennemis ? "Que les Israéliens ne ressemblent pas à ce qu'on leur a dit. Que les docteurs soignent les enfants, tous les enfants."

Du côté des sauveurs, les tiraillements existent aussi, personne ne le nie. Tel médecin a un fils dans l'armée, tel autre habite à la frontière de Gaza et se prend des roquettes depuis près de quinze ans sur le coin de sa maison. De quoi flancher ? " Nous faisons la part des choses, souffle, avec beaucoup d'humanité, le docteur Sagui Gavri. On ne peut blâmer les enfants pour les actions de leurs parents. Nos vies sont entremêlées, nous avons besoin d'eux, et eux de nous. Je sais, c'est incompréhensible pour le reste du monde. On a régulièrement droit à cette blague "Peut-être que tu soignes un futur kamikaze!"


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Shaher is only 11 days old. Since he was 12 hours old, Shaher has been under Prostins.

He has a severe subpulmonary stenosis. We are reassured to see that he is gaining a little weight.This baby was transferred to Hadassah hospital on November 22nd and operated on on November 24th.


Jinan is a little girl, who was suffering from a coarctation of the aorta.

Jinan's mother gave birth in Bethlehem, went home with her little girl, the family's first child. However, 10 days later, Jinan was admitted in a state of shock to Caritas Hospital, which contacted Doctor Abu Zahira.

Doctor Abu Zahira carried out an echocardiography, communicated with his colleagues at Hadassah Hospital via whatsApp and put the little girl under Prostins.

The following day, 17/8, Jinan arrived at Hadassah Hospital in an ambulance together with Doctor Abu Zahira. Jinan underwent an emergency operation carried out by Professor Eldad Erez.

It was a difficult operation, however the evaluated results on the aortic gradient and the diameter of the descending aorta are excellent.Today, Jinan is recuperating in the intensive care unit.


Hadassah, September 3rd

Jinan has come out of intensive care. She is resting with her mother in the department 

of pediatric cardiology. Jinan still needs oxygen, but as soon as this last problem is solved, Jinan and her mother will return to Hebron where she will receive follow-up care by Doctor Abu Zahira.



Ammer came with his mother from Jericho, where he is cared for by Doctor Nael El Lahham.



Hayat was operated on in July 2015

Born prematurely in Hebron on January 22nd, 2015, Hayat spent two months in a hospital in Hebron. When she came out in March, she weighed 1.8kg. In spite of several consultations with pediatricians and cardiologists, Hayat was not gaining any weight. At the age of 5 months, she weighed 2.3kg.

Finally, she was shown to Doctor Abu Zahira in his cardiology clinic in Hebron. He diagnosed a heart malformation and had her admitted to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, where she was operated on on July 12th by Professor Eldad Erez.

Two weeks after the operation, Hayat returned to her home in the West Bank. Doctor Abu Zahira gives her follow-up care in his clinic in Hebron. He works on the nutrition of this wonderful little girl who is now gaining weight on a regular basis.

She is no longer a baby with a frail and sickly face, but a pretty, smiley baby. She is indeed still small, but well on the way to catching up with the other children. Smiling like both her parents, who are so happy to hold their little Hayat in their arms.

The direction a little girl's life had taken has been turned around as has that of her parents.


Her mother, Wafa, has given birth to 10 children, but only 5 have survived, 4 girls and a boy. Wafa is 30 and her husband, Charif, is 36.


August 14th, 2015

Hayat is doing very well and growing slowly.

Doctor Abu Zahira, who has seen her twice since her successful operation, now sees her in his capacity as neonatologist rather than cardiologist. 



Najara was catheterised in April 2015, thanks to your generosity.


Najara was born on April 13th in Hebron. In light of this baby's condition, the hospital where he was born contacted Doctor Abu Zahira, who diagnosed pulmonary artesia.


Accompanied by his mother, Najara was taken to intensive care in Hadassah hospital.

He was catheterised when he was 11 days old. However, a problem appeared in his right leg, which was purple.

Najara was given a small dose of Heparin and his situation improved. His mother's smile returned.


In the room opposite Najara's there was another Palestinian baby hospitalised with heart problems. The two mothers got along well.

Najara's father came to see his son in Hadassah hospital. Reassured at the sight of how well his son was doing, he was able to return to Hebron. It is a pleasure to see the mother smiling and looking relaxed again.


Two weeks later, Najara is doing well. Both his legs are a pretty pink colour. He continues to be monitored by Doctor Abu Zahira in his clinic in Hebron.



Faysal was operated on in June 2015, thanks to your generosity.

Diagnosed by Doctor Abu Zahira, this little 2-month-old boy weighed only 2.35 kg when he arrived at Hadassah hospital in June 2015 and has a complicated medical history. He suffers from "troncus arteriosus".


Since the operation, which went well, Faysal is being monitored by Doctor Abu Zahira in his clinic in Hebron.



Your donations mark a new step in the direction of Life and Peace.




Sadil, a cheerful 6-month-old baby girl, suffers from a narrowing of her pulmonary valve.


She was operated on in Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem.


Since then, she is being monitored on a regular basis in Hebron, near where she lives.






Mohamad was born in Hebron. At the age of 4 1/2 months, he weighed 5.5kg.


He was transferred to Hadassah on November 1st, catheterized on November 2nd and released on November 3rd. 
Mohamed suffers from severe heart malformations such as an atrioventricular communication and a transposition of the large blood vessels with hypoplasia of the pulmonary truncus and sub pulmonary stenosis. He will undergo a first operation in 
Hadassah, which will be the first stage in the series of heart operations he will have to undergo.



Ramzi is a young 14 year-old boy who was born with congenital stenosis of the pulmonary valve.

Roughly 4 months ago, this pulmonary stenosis became apparent, because of fatigue at school, etc. This is why Ramzi was sent to Yatta hospital in Hebron, where he was examined by my colleagues, who diagnosed an important heart murmur.


The hospital, therefore, sent him to me for consultation in pediatric cardiology.

I finally diagnosed in Ramzi (after a clinical examination and echocardiography) severe congenital stenosis of the pulmonary valve requiring cardiac catheterisation in order to dilate the pulmonary valve.


Ramzi was hospitalised in our department of pediatric cardiology in Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital from September 24-27, 2017.


Ramzi's operation via catheterisation took place on September 25, 2017 and was very successful.


He is currently receiving check-ups in our clinic in Hebron.

On his last visit, he was doing very well.


Lamis is a young 7 year-old girl. Take a good look! She has put on Queen Esther's crown, since it is Purim today.  More proof, if that were necessary, that in Hadassah coexistence is not a vain word.

In 2009, she had a shunt inserted.

In 2010, her inter ventricular communication was closed and the chamber of her right ventricular was opened.


Lamis was operated on again on March 6th in order to remove the left ventricular outflow obstruction. After a few days in intensive care, Lamis was moved to pediatric cardiology, almost ready to return home.





Aseel is a little girl who lives in Hebron.


On September 24th, aged 45 days, she was operated on for a coarctation of the aorta.


After spending 6 days in intensive care, Aseel has left Hadassah hospital cured.


Idia is an 18-month-old little girl.

At Hadassah hospital, we closed an abnormal connection (a "hole" between the two auricles).


This was carried out via keyhole surgery in order to make it less traumatic.



Today, the check-up shows that all is well: her heart is perfect.



On October 31st, 2015, Doctor Abu Zahira saw Maryam again for a post-op check-up. Maryam is doing well.

She is a lovely 1 month and 9 day-old baby weighing 4.1kg.
Maryam was diagnosed as having persistent truncus arteriosus on October 8th. She was transferred to Hadassah on the 15th and underwent an operation on October 18th.
Doctor Abu Zahira now gives her check-ups in Hebron.


Rawand is a 12-year-old girl


Rawand was born with only one ventricle and has undergone several operations.

However, while he was in a Palestinian hospital where he was called to see a baby, Doctor Abu Zahira recognized Rawand's mother and asked her why she was there.


She told him that her daughter had been in hospital for one month. Doctor Abu Zahira went to see her and realized that Rawand had great difficulty breathing. He had her transferred to Hadassah hospital where it was 
discovered that Rawand had a pleural efflusion which had to be drained before performing a catheterization.


The draining and the catheterization were performed and Rawand is doing well.



Youssef was lucky.

In a state of cardiac shock when he was 12 days old, Youssef was stabilized in the hospital in Hebron where he was checked on a daily basis by Doctor Abu Zahira. 

He recovered from the cardiac shock, his arterial duct opened up.


He was transferred to Hadassah on October 27th and underwent an operation on October 29th.

He was released on November 3rd.

8 days after the operation for the coarctation of the aorta, an echocardiography confirmed his good state of health, there was no residual arterial duct. Youssef was given a check-up

in Hebron one week later. The next visit to Hadassah is set up for early December.


Rawan is a 7 month-old baby girl who has been under the care of Doctor Abu Zahira in Hebron since August because of insufficient weight gain as well as psychomotor retardation. 
Rawan also suffers from high inter ventricular communication.
After being transferred to Hadassah hospital on Sunday, November 8th, Rawan was operated on by Professor Eldad Erez on November 10th. Rawan was put in post operative intensive care in Hadassah. 


On October 20th, 2015, Doctor Abu Zahira gave little Seleem an echocardiography during her post-op check-up.

Seleem is almost 4 months old and weighs almost 6 kg. She's a magnificent baby girl.

At the age of 2 months and 19 days, Seleem was only diagnosed in September, even though she suffers from severe coarctation of the aorta. She was transferred to Hadassah on September 27th, operated on by Prof Eldad Erez on September 29th and was released on October 4th. At the end of November, Seleem will see Doctor Abu Zahira again.




Sarah is in good health.

The operation went well. With her atrial septal defect now corrected, Sarah has a little heart with 2 atriums and 2 ventricles just like everyone else.


After her hospitalization, first in the intensive care unit, then on the 4th floor in pediatric cardiology, Sarah recuperated sufficiently to be able to go home.



She is now having follow-up care in Hebron with Doctor Abu Zahira.



Adnam is already a year old. He came in order to check the closing of the connection between his two auricles. This was carried out via catheterization, which means closed heart surgery.


Adnam is well since his little heart is now normal. In 2 years' time, he'll come back for a final check-up. He will have grown a lot by then.